Dirty Deeds DDC Show Review!

“The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton had the pleasure of contracting Dirty Deeds DDC to headline our annual springtime fundraiser this past April. The show they developed and their performance chops, in short, blew my mind, and completely exceeded any expectations I had. For 2 hours, they brought the hits and deep cuts from the AC/DC catalogue that perfectly fit with my audience and the style of the gig.
I’ve rarely seen such energy from a tribute band. The stage presence this group had was only equaled by the exceptional stage production – lighting effects and video pieces that were far beyond the size of the room.
400 of our Society faithful were in attendance, and it seemed that the bulk of them never left the dance floor. For the price, their professionalism, their musical skill, and their dedication to performance and to the fans, Dirty Deeds DDC is the REAL DEAL”

Todd Crawshaw
Executive Director
The Rock and Roll Society of Edmonton
Thanks so much Todd!!